Our Strategic Advantage

Solution mining allows water to be pumped below the surface to dissolve the potash minerals and bring them to the surface. This allows the operation to avoid drilling and tunnelling underground. This increases efficiency, and substantially improves the safety of the workers. 

Most solution and conventional mines generate massive tailings piles to store the waste salt generated during potash processing. These waste piles leave large footprints and have negative environmental impacts. By selectively dissolving the potash and leaving the salt in the ground, the Crescent Junction Project will result in no problematic salt tailing piles or waste.  

The Crescent Junction project will recirculate the production brine resulting in a dramatic reduction in total water consumption compared to other solution mines. In addition, the process does not require drinking quality water and can use brackish or salty water. This water conscience process will help preserve the precious water resources of southeastern Utah. 

Currently all solution mines utilize vast pond complexes for the evaporation of brines. These pond complexes can be 100’s of acres in area. By utilizing PPI’s innovative technology, vast pond complexes will not be required which provides enhanced efficiency, reduces the plant footprint, and overall environmental impact to the area.

The Crescent Junction project will produce potash with significantly less energy than other solution mines. PPI’s technology enables increased efficiency in heat transfer which allows lower energy inputs for heating and cooling of the production brines. 


Due to the technology and deposit quality, PPI expects to generate potash at a lower cost than any other potash operation globally. This will be accomplished by the increased efficiency realized by its patented technology. 



PPI plans to join a switching and loading yard to Union Pacific’s existing spur line enabling PPI to load multiple unit-trains of potash from its facilities.  Union Pacific delivers directly to many fertilizer depots that can unload unit train volumes of potash. This provides PPI with a significant geographic advantage to USA farmers compared to potash arriving from Saskatchewan or overseas. 

Utah has a business and mining friendly climate. Utah is consistently ranked amongst the tops states for business and mining.