About Pinnacle Potash

Company Overview

Pinnacle Potash International, Ltd.  (PPI) was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  PPI’s mission is to develop an operation applying new technology that enables the production of quality agricultural potash at the lowest cost with a minimal environmental footprint.   

Advanced Solution Mining Techniques selectively extracts potassium chloride from salt deposits at significant depth and passively crystallizes minerals above ground. After recovering the solid minerals, the brine is recycled back into the deposit to recover more potassium. These techniques significantly reduce water requirements and avoids problems associated with above-ground salt tailing piles. The process will yield quality granular product that meets agricultural requirements and complements the need for proper agricultural nutrient management. The Crescent Junction facility and process have been designed to harmonize and complement the visual presence of southeast Utah known for its astonishing natural beauty.