Who We Are

Company Overview

Pinnacle Potash International, Ltd. (PPI) was founded in 2008 as a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The mission of PPI is to develop a profitable potash mining operation in Southeastern Utah by pioneering new technology that will allow PPI to be a bottom quartile cost producer while leading the industry with a small environmental footprint. PPI believes that potash can be both mined at low cost while preserving the natural beauty of southeastern Utah.

Pinnacle Potash will achieve this by implementing patented technology to solution mine potassium bearing deposits over 5,00 feet beneath the surface in the Paradox Basin. Selective mining of the potash deposit with technology developed by PPI scientists will enable potash production without the need for large salt tailing piles or expansive pond complexes that are problematic in typical solution mining operations. In addition, this technology is projected to allow PPI to efficiently produce potash while maintaining low carbon emissions and becoming an industry leader in the conservation of water resources, energy, and land.