A leader in the conservation of water resources, energy, and land.

Management Team

PPI brings together a management team with extensive experience in geology and mineralogy, engineering, natural-resource management, drilling and mining operations, and energy finance.  Click here to meet our management team.

The Environment

PPI aims to make The Crescent Junction Project the lowest cost potash producer while using the smallest amount of energy per ton in the industry. Additionally, PPI will consume far less water than other solution mines and most traditional mines. 

Crescent Project

The Crescent Junction Project is located near the town of Crescent Junction Utah. PPI will devolop the Crescent Junction Project to mine potash on PPI’s mineral leases in the northern part of the Paradox Basin of southeastern Utah.  

Why Potash 

Potash is the common name for various mined and manufactured potassium bearing salts in water-soluble form. Potash is mostly used as fertilizer with muriate of Potash (MOP) being the most common. MOP or sylvite is a naturally occurring mineral found in large underground deposits formed by the evaporation of ancient seawater. These deposits are often deep and require underground mining methods to recover the minerals. Mining methods include conventional underground mining or solution mining.  

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Our Strategic Advantage

Operating in southeastern Utah will give PPI a strong geographic advantage, placing it within one of the largest markets for potash in the world. While the US is one of the top consumers of potash, it currently produces a very small percentage of its own consumption needs, importing 85% from outside the US. PPI will be able to help bridge the production and consumption gap while setting new industry standards for production cost and environmental stewardship.

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